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Data Management and Research Workflow Framework

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data management plan
posted on 2021-11-30, 09:02 authored by Sarah GraySarah Gray, Shuaijun GuoShuaijun Guo, Marnie DownesMarnie Downes, Meredith O'ConnorMeredith O'Connor, Margarita Moreno-Betancur, Sharon Goldfeld
The purpose of this document is to establish a data management framework for the Changing Children’s Chances (CCC) project (2021-2024) “Child health and developmental inequities: Evidence for precision policy.” The document aims to promote:

• A standardised approach to data management across team members;
• Open and transparent practices that allow other researchers to follow and replicate the work undertaken;
• Awareness of responsibilities and requirements regarding data security and safety, with easy access to relevant information for CCC project staff; and
• Sharing of data management approaches between researchers, capacity building and collective knowledge for the team and the wider Centre for Community Child Health.


Child health and developmental inequities: Evidence for precision policy

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