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Imaging data for Dorison et al., 2022

posted on 2022-09-11, 22:23 authored by Thanushi PeirisThanushi Peiris


Imaging data for the manuscript "Kidney organoids generated using an allelic series of NPHS2 point variants reveal distinct intracellular Podocin mistrafficking" (29.8GB uncompressed): Raw imaris (.ims) images taken using Andor Dragonfly Spinning Disk Confocal. Organised into subfolders by subcellular stain and then order of channels. Also contains a .txt file with metadata for every image. (8.46GB uncompressed): Podocyte region of interest for each image as TIFF files (.tiff), manually proofread by an expert human annotator (Aude Dorison). (32.4GB uncompressed): Relevant channels of each raw image with background subtraction (using rolling ball method with radius of 50 pixels) processed using Fiji/ImageJ as TIFF files (.tiff). This is used for downstream processing.

Code is available at