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Adolescent nutrition

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posted on 2023-09-12, 06:17 authored by Molly O'SullivanMolly O'Sullivan, George Patton, Lynnette M. Neufeld, Shane A. Norris, Edward A. Frongillo, Dougal Hargreaves, Emily Mates, Purnima MenonPurnima Menon

Adolescence is a time of rapid change in physical growth and development and cognitive and emotional capacities. There has rightly, been much emphasis on early childhood nutrition. However, adolescence is an additional important phase of risks and opportunities for healthy nutrition with lifelong and intergenerational consequences. Despite this, adolescents have been neglected in national and global plans and policies. 

This Lancet Series of three papers and three commentaries is the first to bring the health and nutrition communities together to focus on growth and nutrition across the adolescent years. The series highlights the effect of nutrition on adolescent growth and development, the role the food environment has on food choices, and which strategies and interventions might lead to healthy adolescent nutrition and growth.

Working with Science Journal for Kids & Teens, papers 1 and 2 have been adapted for students and teachers (as well as parents and/or guardians). Science Journal for Kids & Teens features freely downloadable peer-reviewed research papers rewritten in age-appropriate language. Each paper is accompanied by assessment questions and answers. 

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