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Enhancing the reach of LifeCourse Forums to build a thriving community of practice

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posted on 2023-09-12, 01:55 authored by Anna DuncanAnna Duncan, Meredith O'ConnorMeredith O'Connor

One area of focus for LifeCourse is the promotion of a thriving community of practice around cohort research, creating opportunities for connection and synergy through a range of “meeting places”. These presentations are recorded to allow for broader engagement, however, there have been barriers to accessing the recordings in the past. In an effort to engage more campus researchers, as well as national and international data users, and make LifeCourse cohorts and LifeCourse resources more visible to a wider audience, we now want to share presentation recordings more broadly, when appropriate. 

This document outlines the process used by LifeCourse to determine how to share session recordings with the most appropriate audience, including gaining consent to share and considerations around licensing.


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