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Generation Victoria (GenV) Cohort 2020s Synopsis

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posted on 2022-02-25, 11:58 authored by Melissa WakeMelissa Wake, SHARON GOLDFELDSHARON GOLDFELD, RICHARD SAFFERYRICHARD SAFFERY, William SieroWilliam Siero, Danah Hourani, Alisha GulencAlisha Gulenc, Elizabeth Hughes

The Generation Victoria (GenV) Cohort 2020s Synopsis is a 3-page summary of the aims, features, timeline and elements of GenV. It is a briefer version of the GenV Cohort 2020s Protocol. This synopsis aims to outline succinctly the major elements of GenV including enrolment and informed consent, and collection of data and biosamples. This is Version 4.1 (dated (17/12/2021) and was approved by the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee on 17/01/2022.

We would like to acknowledge the following people for their contributions (in alphabetical order): Katie Allen, Dino Asproloupos, Lynne Atley, David Burgner, Jim Buttery, John Carlin, Jeanie Cheong, Nigel Curtis, Sarah Davies, Ben Edwards, Lottie Gasparini, Harriet Hiscock, Karen Lamb, Joan Leong, Kathryn North, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Joanne Said, Michael Stringer, Katrina Williams, and members of the GenV Focus Area and Method Cores Working Groups.


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