Generation Victoria

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Generation Victoria is a world-first initiative that transforms all of Victoria into a dynamic platform geared to solve pressing questions and improve children's health, development and well-being: a whole-of-state initiative to enhance the speed, capacity, innovation and connectedness of children's research and policy analysis. Current research and evaluation methods are too slow, cumbersome and expensive to scale up to the speed and size needed to solve the health, wellbeing and education challenges issues that face our nation. What are the outcomes? Better children's health, development and wellbeing Less or later adult disease Lower cost, better quality and/or more equitable health care, education and social programs Victoria's reputation cemented as an international innovation and research hub. What strategies will achieve this? Data linkage - Use all existing data to the full Consent - Build the social contract with Victorian families New data - Add what's missing for a complete research system, without participant burden Novel solutions – A fast-paced program of innovation embedded in this new system-wide structure. What Gen V will look like after 5 years? Gen V 2020: One of the world's largest consented birth cohorts – drives statewide data linkage; extended with consent, biosamples, neurodevelopmental and health measures, new health services data Gen V Solution Hubs: Programs of innovative, disruptive research that test prioritised prevention and intervention questions – Gen V 2020's structured data provide the evaluation mechanism Gen V Big Data: Advanced processing and analytics - ensures that Gen V's legacy of data linkage and use is available to Australian health and education systems into the future Return on investment: Attracting the best minds and substantial investment to Victoria to use and grow the created resource.

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Gen V

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