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The Melbourne Children’s Campus is a global leader for lifecourse data, creating an unparalleled resource for informing practice and policy. Being one of the few centres worldwide with such extensive population and clinical studies, we are positioned to address an array of questions central to early life health and development, and its progression throughout the lifespan. LifeCourse includes over 30 distinct clinical and population-based studies spanning 0-38 years (including two trans-generational studies) and involving over 60,000 participants, with many enriched through collection of biosamples, imaging, and linkage to administrative data. These studies have already shaped policy and clinical care nationally and internationally. By bringing these resources together our researchers continue to build our understanding of the burden, causes and consequences of childhood diseases in Victoria and globally. LifeCourse is jointly supported by The Melbourne Children’s Campus partners: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and The University of Melbourne (Department of Paediatrics), with funding from the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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