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Planning your rehabilitation: a guide for children and families having lower limb orthopaedic surgery for cerebral palsy

Published on by Tessa de Vries
This booklet and accompanying audio podcast answer some of the questions children and their families may have about rehabilitation after an orthopaedic operation. Other children with cerebral palsy who had lower limb orthopaedic surgery and their families told us what was important for them. We have used that information to help write this booklet.

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NHMRC-funded Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy (#1057997)

Principal Investigator

Claire Kerr

Research Group

Neurodevelopment & Rehabilitation

Contact Person

Tessa de Vries

Other Investigators

Ms. Kylie Aroyan, Children’s Hospital at Westmead Ms. Karen Bau, Children’s Hospital at Westmead Prof. Kerr Graham, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Mr. Abhay Khot, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Ms. Vikki Leone, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Dr. Sarah Love, Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth Dr. Chanka Nanayakkara, Beyond Boundaries Rehab, Maitland Ms. Annette O’Donnell, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Assoc. Prof. Adam Scheinberg, Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

Subject Areas

Cerebral palsy