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The Melbourne Children's Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Project

Published on by Luke Stevens
Achieving research impact is a dynamic and complex process affected by interactions, relationships and systems. Researchers, clinicians, educators, stakeholders, campus leaders and knowledge users all have a role in maximising impact. The Project: • identified four organisational enablers of knowledge translation and research impact • identified seven facilitators of knowledge translation and research impact • devised the Melbourne Children's Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Framework (the Framework) • applied the Framework to four existing projects • formulated recommendations to advance knowledge translation and research impact for Melbourne Children's.

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The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

Principal Investigator

Vikki Leone

Research Group

Policy, Equity & Translation

Contact Person

Louise Cetrola

HREC Reference Number(s)

RCH HREC #36121B

Ethics Approval Date

Other Investigators

Sue West Louise Cetrola Maria Fong Sophie Rushton Tamika Heiden Tim Moore

Collaborating Institutions


Subject Areas

knowledge translation, research impact

Study Location

Melbourne Children's campus

Sampling Frame

Campus staff, campus leaders, external experts

Participant Numbers

Report summarises data collected from: \u2022 external experts via semi-structured interviews based on their expertise in research translation, research impact and knowledge of the policy and funding environments [n= 8, approx. 60 minutes each] \u2022 campus leaders via semi-structured interviews [n=14, approx. 40 minutes each] \u2022 campus staff via an online survey [n=109 fully completed]. Survey respondents worked in the following areas of Melbourne Children's: -- 78 respondents worked in research -- 33 respondents worked in clinical care -- 30 respondents worked in education and training -- 12 respondents worked in other areas including administration, service provision, knowledge translation, evaluation, policy, public affairs and coordination."

Year Commenced


Year Completed




Biological Samples


Multimedia Collection

Interviews and focus groups were audio recorded and transcribed with permission from participants.

Data Destruction Date

After 2023

Data destruction requirements

Deletion of electronic files (datasets, audio, documents)

Network Storage Location

ambpaed\GENERAL\02 Programs Unit Current Projects\Research Translation and Impact\Z. FINAL FILES

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